Police in Thailand add 7 Tesla Model 3’s to their fleet

The idea of converting Tesla vehicles into police cars appears to be catching on quickly. Most recently, the Wesport Police Department added a Performance Model 3 to its fleet.

We’ve also heard from the Bargersville Police Department, who so far are very pleased with their Model 3.

But the Thai Police have taken it one six steps further, by recently adding 7 Tesla Model 3 Performance vehicles to its fleet of patrol vehicles.

According to documents posted to the Thai Police website (hello 1995), they spent nearly $4 million CAD ($2.7 million USD, 89 million baht) to lease the vehicles for 5 years. They also came fully equipped with all the necessary police gear, including the police light bars.

Thai Police Tesla Model 3

Taking the total amount of $4 million CAD, that works out to about $570,000 for each Model 3 for the 5 year period. Even with the police equipment included in that price (unknown if it is), those are some very expensive electric vehicles.

According to information we were able to find, you can get a LR Model 3 starting at around $173,000 CAD (4 million baht) in Thailand, making it more than $100,000 more than the Canadian pricing. The added police gear obviously added some cost, but not enough to make up the difference.

Hopefully the pricing includes the construction of some charging infrastructure, because it’s going to be tough to charge seven Model 3’s with just a regular outlet.

h/t [Tesla Club Thailand]

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