Stellantis CEO raises the possibility of EV battery and raw material shortage

Carlos Tavares, Stellantis CEO, stated he expects that a shortage of EV batteries and raw materials will be the norm in the coming years.

He expects a shortage of EV batteries by 2024/2025 and raw materials to become scarce by 2027/2028.

During an announcement in Indiana on their new $2.5 billion EV battery plant, Tavares said:

“The speed at which we are trying to move all together for the right reason, which is fixing the global warming issue, is so high that the supply chain and the production capacities have no time to adjust.” (via CNBC)

He went a little further and gave a little bit of a nod to Tesla if you read between the lines.

All the car companies now, at least the best ones, are now full speed ahead; in full execution mode, going as fast as they can. The only thing that really helps to deliver is stability. Stop playing with the rules. Leave the rules as they are and let people work properly

This is not the first time Tavares warned the industry of incoming shortages.

However, the real question is how Stellantis and other major automakers will navigate such a shortage and keep up with consumer demand.

Stellantis is investing $35 billion in EVs and expects to sell 5 million EVs per year by 2030.

So, the fact the company is already in planning mode for shortages should signal to other automakers that this is a real possibility.

Stellantis and LG Energy Solutions announce Windsor as home to new $5 billion EV battery plant

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