2022.16.0.2 Tesla Software Update & Release Notes: improved regenerative braking in cold weather and more undocumented features

Tesla started deploying their latest software update last night, 2022.16.0.2, and while the release notes only included three new items, one of them was an important addition, especially for owners in colder climates.

There was also at least one undocumented update included in the release, and another waiting in the wings set to be released soon.

Documented Features

Navigation Energy Prediction – we first heard about this feature back in March, and now it has gone live. Your energy consumption estimate when using navigation now considers forecasted crosswind, headwind, humidity and ambient temperature in its calculations, all of which should provide a more accurate estimated state of charge for when you arrive at your destination.

Drive Profiles – Tesla has updated the way driver profiles work to allow for individual media player accounts, like Spotify, to be linked to specific profiles. This will be a nice addition for couples who use the car but have different tastes in music.

Regenerative Braking – perhaps the biggest feature of this release is that some Model 3 and Model Y owners will no longer experience limited regen braking. According to the release notes, your regular brakes will now be applied to ensure “consistent deceleration” when there is limited regen due to a cold or full battery.

For those who want to keep the experience of having limited regen in cold weather (and save their brake pads even more), the feature can be turned off in the menu by going to Controls > Pedals & Steering > Apply Brakes When Regenerative Braking is Limited.

Unfortunately it also looks like this improvement isn’t for all Tesla owners. Based on the findings of hacker @greentheonly, only cars with certain hardware receive the update. It is unknown what the requirements are, but based on reports from owners who have received it, it appears as though it is only being added to newer vehicles.

Undocumented Features

There were also at least one undocumented features in this release, and another lurking in the wings waiting to be released.

According to Australian Tesla owner and enthusiast @techAU, the driving visualizations have been updated to include the same new visuals that were added in the latest Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta update.

Although not included in the release, @greentheonly says Tesla is preparing to show projected wait times at Superchargers on the in-car navigation. Along with showing the wait times, green said there was also an indication that if your route includes a congested Supercharger, you will be offered alternate routes that include other uncongested Superchargers if available.

Green also shared this image of the new icon that will go along with the feature.

UPDATE May 25 7:24pm PST: Another undocumented upgrade is a change to the energy/regen bar which is now thicker with this release.

Even though no one has reported it yet, we are hoping this release also includes a fix for the Dashcam and Sentry Mode bug we told you about last week. If you received the update and are no longer experiencing the issue, let us know in the comments below or tag us on Twitter (@driveteslaca).

2022.16.0.2 Release Notes

Navigation Energy Prediction

Energy prediction for your route has been improved by incorporating forecasted crosswind, headwind, humidity and ambient temperature when using online navigation.

Driver Profiles

Media Player accounts (e.g. Spotify login) are now linked to your driver profile. Simply log into your media account while your driver profile is selected.

Regenerative Braking

Your vehicle can now automatically apply regular brakes for consistent deceleration when regenerative braking is limited due to battery temperature or state of charge. To enable tap Controls ?Pedals & Steering > Apply Brakes When Regenerative Braking is Limited.

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