Yellowstone visitor in Tesla Model X takes remote work to the next level with Starlink [Video]

A Tesla Model X owner took work from home to the next level in Yellowstone’s Lamar Valley.

Ron Sterbenz, a park regular spotted the Tesla with a Starlink dish on the hood parked on the side of the road on May 19, 2022.

After stopping to make sure the driver was ok, it was revealed that the car’s occupant was using the satellite internet service to do some work.

“I thought the person was trying to charge the car and that was why I pulled over, and perhaps they needed help. I also thought maybe the Tesla needed service since the wires went under the hood, or maybe it needed to connect. After seeing the person seemed okay, I drove on,” Sterbenz told FTW Outdoors

Earlier this month, SpaceX announced Starlink Portability. The feature allows users to use their Starlink dish on the same continent as their registered home address.

You cannot use the feature in motion, and only meant for temporary access in a new location. You can activate the feature for an additional monthly fee of $25 USD or $30 CAD.

This is not the first time we have seen Starlink dishes on cars. In July 2021, a California man received a ticket for obstructing his view on his custom set-up with a Starlink dish attached to his hood. Back in July, this was against Starlink’s terms of service.

However, even with the new feature, ensure that you are not setting up your car with a permanent fixture for the dish!

What this incident does showcase is that with the current work remote set-ups, the possibilities are truly endless with Starlink.

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