Tesla opens Superchargers in New Zealand to other EVs

Tesla is rapidly expanding the number of Supercharger stations available to owners of other brands of electric vehicles (EVs) around the world, with the latest expansion taking place in New Zealand.

The launch of the Non-Tesla Supercharger program in New Zealand was announced by the official Tesla Charging account on X. According to Tesla’s map, six of the seventeen Superchargers are part of the program, opening up a total of 30 connectors to non-Tesla EVs on the two main islands of the country.

  • Glenfield (7 Superchargers)
  • Rotorua (6 Superchargers)
  • New Plymouth (3 Superchargers)
  • Christchurch (4 Superchargers)
  • Timaru (6 Superchargers)
  • Queenstown (4 Superchargers)

According to reports from local owners, non-Tesla EVs plugging in at one of these six sites will be paying $0.99 per kWh, which works out to roughly a 20% premium over what Tesla owners pay ($0.83/kWh). Opting for the Tesla Charging membership will bring the non-Tesla price down to the same rate as Tesla owners.

Tesla Superchargers in New Zealand are already equipped with dual NACS and CCS connectors, meaning the company doesn’t have to go to the time and effort to retrofit the stations with the Magic Dock. The Magic Dock allows Tesla to easily convert a Supercharger with only a NACS (North American Charging Standard) connector to also include a CCS adapter that can only be unlocked for use through the mobile app.

The Magic Dock launched in North America earlier this year, with a total of 11 stations in New York and California getting the CCS adapter, but then installations went suddenly quiet. That has changed in the last few weeks and months as the Tesla Charging team has added the Magic Dock at 28 stations, including 26 in the US and 2 in Canada.

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