Tesla brings Magic Dock to Superchargers in Canada [Update]

Tesla has expanded its Magic Dock to Superchargers in Canada with the first installation of the adapter taking place in Northern Ontario. The Magic Dock is a built-in CCS (Combined Charging System) adapter that allows non-Tesla EV owners to plug in and use the Supercharger network.

The first Magic Docks were installed this past February at a Supercharger station in New York. The installation process itself proved remarkably straightforward, enabling entire stations to be retrofitted within a few hours. In the weeks that followed Tesla added the adapter at nine New York stations and two in California, with the next installation taking place just earlier this month in Texas.

At the time we said we should expect to see the Magic Dock in Canada soon following the announcement from the federal government in May that Tesla will open select Supercharger connectors at various stations to non-Tesla owners between Sudbury and Ottawa later this year. As it turns out, the first station is in Deep River, which happens to be almost exactly in the middle of Sudbury and Ottawa.

The installation was first spotted by Pierre Roberge, who shared photos of the Magic Docks on X. According to Roberge, the Magic Docks were installed on all 8 Superchargers at the site, with the Tesla technicians using a Polestar 2 to test the CCS adapter. The Deep River Supercharger has not yet been added to Tesla’s map of stations open to non-Tesla EVs.

According to the government’s announcement earlier this year, select Superchargers between Sudbury and Ottawa will receive the Magic Docks, but an exact number was not provided. Roberge explained North Bay will be the next site to receive Magic Dock, with both sites serving as pilot locations. While no exact count for this year was provided, the government did say Magic Docks will expand to 750 connectors across the country by 2025.

UPDATE Aug 23 11:48am PT: North Bay is getting the Magic Dock installed today.

It is important to note that the Magic Dock is different than the recent agreements signed by several major automakers to adopt Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS). In those agreements existing EV owners of Ford, GM, Rivian and others will be provided with a NACS to CCS adapter that will allow them to use the over 12,000 Superchargers across Canada and the US. Then in 2025 those automakers will integrate the NACS port into their EVs, eliminating the need for an adapter.

With the Magic Dock, a non-Tesla EV owner will pay a premium over what Tesla owners will pay (Tesla recently switched to kWh billing in Canada), or opt to pay a monthly membership fee to access lower, but still at a premium, rates.

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