Tesla opens Supercharger network in Canada to other electric vehicles

Tesla has officially opened up its Supercharger network in Canada to owners of other electric vehicles (EVs) after the Magic Docks at the North Bay and Deep River Superchargers were activated earlier this morning. With the activation we also know the pricing non-Tesla EV owners will be paying to plug in to the Supercharger network, and it’s not cheap.

Tesla first installed the Magic Dock last week at Deep River, and then a day later at North Bay. These two sites were selected as pilot locations as announced by the federal government earlier this year, with Tesla agreeing to open up 750 Supercharger connectors across Canada by 2025.

On Wednesday the Magic Docks, which feature a built in CCS adapter, were activated, opening up 12 stalls in Ontario to other EVs. With the activation Tesla also added a new section to the mobile app, which reveals the Supercharger pricing for non-Tesla owners.

As with non-Tesla Supercharger sites in the US, Europe, and Australia, there is the option for customers to purchase a Supercharging membership, which in Canada will cost $16.99 per month, comparable to the price in the US at $12.99. With that membership non-Tesla EV owners will pay the same flat rate as Tesla owners, $0.47/kWh at Deep River or $0.48/kWh at North Bay.

Without the membership the pricing increases quite substantially, to $0.63/kWh at Deep River or $0.67/kWh in North Bay. Non-Tesla owners will have to look at their current charging habits to determine if paying $16.99 per month will offset the increased costs of charging without the membership.

As we noted at the top of this article, these two sites are expected to be the only sites with Magic Docks and open to other EV owners for the next little while as they will serve as pilot locations. We don’t know how long it will take before Tesla adds more Magic Docks elsewhere, but the company has committed to greatly expanding the program by 2025.

We also don’t know the exact locations Tesla plans to add them, but according to the press release earlier this year the focus will be on the Trans-Canada route from Ottawa to Calgary.

If any of our readers are near Deep River or North Bay and can check them out for us, send us some photos or videos at tips@driveteslacanada.ca, or send us a DM on X.


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