Tesla adds Magic Docks in Utah, Michigan, and Washington State [Update]

Tesla is continuing to expand its network of Magic Docks with new additions at Superchargers in Utah, Michigan, and Washington State, allowing non-Tesla owners using the Combined Charging System (CCS) to plug in and use the Supercharger network. The latest additions come at the same time as Tesla expanding the Magic Dock all the way to Alaska.

Moab, Utah

The Moab Supercharger on North Main Street in Utah has been equipped with the Magic Dock at all 8 V3 stalls, according to Tesla’s online map. One of the first to plug in was Rivian R1T owner @TylerdHulst1, who reported that plugging in his electric pickup truck was a seamless experience and smoother than what he typically encounters at Electrify America.

Mackinaw City, Michigan

Heading a little further north and to the east, closer to the cluster of Magic Docks in Canada and New York State, the Mackinaw City Supercharger in Michigan has also been retrofitted with the Magic Dock. Like most of the other stations taking part in the Non-Tesla Supercharger pilot program, this site also features 8 V3 stalls.

According to a report on PlugShare, one non-Tesla EV owner driving a 2017 Chevy Bolt had some troubles getting the Supercharger to charge their car, saying the charging session initiated and then failed after a few seconds, although there is no way to tell if that was due to a problem with the Magic Dock or the car itself.

Moses Lake, Washington

The final addition is in Moses Lake, Washington, where 12 V3 stalls have been equipped with the Magic Dock. We haven’t been able to find any user reports from non-Tesla EV owners attempting to use this site, but if any of our readers are in the area and can check it out, we’d love to see some photos (tips@driveteslacanada.ca).

It is unclear how many more Superchargers will be retrofitted with Magic Docks, considering almost all major automakers have agreed to adopt Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS) on their future electric vehicles, while also providing existing owners with an adapter to use the Supercharger network starting next year.

UPDATE September 27, 2023 8:37am PT: There are now additional Magic Docks in Quincy, WA, Craig, CO, Kremmling, CO, Lamar, CO, Washington, IN, bringing the number of Superchargers open to non-Tesla EVs in North America to 25 (23 in the US, 2 in Canada).

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