Tesla starts assigning Cybertruck VINs to non-employees

The first Cybertruck deliveries to non-employees are about to begin. Dozens of Foundation Series reservation holders with no connection to the company have started being assigned VINs (Vehicle Identification Numbers), one of the final steps before delivery takes place.

Tesla officially started deliveries of the Cybertruck on November 30 last year, but those deliveries were to 10 customers that were hand picked by the automaker to be the first owners. Since then the company has delivered dozens more, but that hose have been to employees or customers with connections to the company, or celebrities like Pharell.

During this time Tesla has also opened up orders to regular customers, giving them the opportunity to order a Foundation Series Cybertruck. These Cybertrucks come with a $20,000 premium over regular pricing, a number of (expensive) accessories, and perhaps most importantly, the ability to call yourself one of the first Cybertruck owners.

Now it looks like the first wave of deliveries to non-employee customers are just around the corner. On Wednesday night social media was flooded with Foundation Series reservation holders sharing that they had been assigned a VIN. From what we could see, all of them were for the less expensive All-Wheel Drive (AWD) Cybertruck.

While no delivery dates have been scheduled, it would not be surprising to see dates appear in customer accounts in the next few days. Over the course of the week drone flyovers of Giga Texas has shown numerous car carriers leaving the factory fully loaded with Cybertrucks, and on Wednesday several of those were seen heading to the Fremont factory.

This is good news for customers in the US, but there has still been no word or indication of when Cybertruck deliveries in Canada might begin. There are now likely close to a dozen Cybertrucks testing across Canada, with another three in showrooms in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal.

Another promising sign is that a new Cybertruck just arrived in Toronto this week, which according to the driver, is here for “environmental testing.”

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