Tesla Model Y Long Range RWD receives European certification – will it finally be built?

The story of the Model Y Long Range Rear-Wheel Drive (LR RWD) may not be over yet, as the company has received certification for the elusive variant of the electric SUV in Europe.

When Tesla first unveiled the Model Y in March 2019, the Model Y LR RWD was among the initial variants to be offered. The LR RWD was an attractive option because it was more efficient and offered additional range at a lower price point than the All-Wheel Drive (AWD) variants.

However after a few years it became evident that Tesla was never going to make the Model Y LR RWD, with early reservation holders eventually forced in late 2021 to either abandon their orders and get a refund, or upgrade their order to another variant.

Now it appears the Model Y LR RWD might actually become a reality, and it looks like if it does, it could be built at Giga Berlin, according to certification documents shared by Julien (@eivissacopter) on X and the TFF forum.

The documents show that Tesla received certification for a Model Y LR RWD with the same LG 79kWh battery found in the LR AWD variant. This new variant has been rated for 600km (373 miles) when equipped with 19″ Gemini wheels, and 565km (351 miles) with the 20″ Induction wheels, based on the WLTP rating schedule, which is more generous than EPA testing.

Other specs included in the certification documents include the EVs weight (1,959kg/4,318lbs), maximum power/torque (220kW/350Nm), and top speed (217km/h/135mph).

Even though the Model Y LR RWD has now been certified, it is not a guarantee that it will be offered for sale, or if it does, that it will be available to everyone. Since it was approved in Europe, Tesla could be planning a special offering for fleet customers, much like it did with the return of the Model 3 LR RWD last year.

The company also recently launched a special 2-seater version of the Model Y for business customers in France.

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