Tesla Delivery Milestones: 100K in Australia, 200K in the UK

Tesla has announced significant milestones in two major markets, highlighting its rapidly growing influence in the global automotive industry.

In Australia, the company celebrated the delivery of its 100,000th car this week.

The journey to 100,000 Tesla cars on Australian roads is a remarkable achievement considering that nearly half of these deliveries occurred in the last year alone, indicating a significant surge in Tesla’s popularity and the broader acceptance of EVs among Australian consumers.

This milestone was reached nine years and four months after Tesla’s first local vehicle delivery, showcasing rapid growth compared to traditional automotive giants.

For instance, Tesla achieved this milestone in less time than it took Toyota to reach the same figure with its electric hybrids in Australia, according to WhichCar.

Not to be outdone, Tesla announced another impressive feat of reaching 200,000 deliveries in the United Kingdom (UK), in a clear sign of the brand’s growing appeal and the increasing shift towards EVs in Europe.

The number of Tesla vehicles on UK roads should come as no surprise considering the Model Y was the third best-selling car overall in the country in 2022, and continued that trend in 2023 sitting at or near the top of the sales charts throughout the year.

Tesla’s successes in Australia and the UK are emblematic of a global shift towards electric mobility, with the company at the forefront of this transformation. These milestones not only signify Tesla’s growing market share but also the increasing consumer demand for environmentally friendly and innovative transportation solutions.

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