Has Tesla finally killed the LR RWD Model Y?

There has been yet another development in the saga that is the Long Range Rear-Wheel Drive (LR RWD) Model Y, and by the looks of it this one might be the last.

According to the account status of Randy R (@RandyPants), who placed a reservation for the car on the day it was unveiled on March 15 2019, the LR RWD configuration “is no longer available and cannot be delivered.”

Adding insult to injury, his only option is to change to the LR or Performance variants, but if he does so, he loses his day 1 reservation pricing.

As a result, he will be forced to pay todays much more expensive pricing, which in his case amounts to a difference of $13,000 as his configuration included Full Self-Driving (FSD).

Credit: @RandyPants /Twitter

Randy is not alone. Drive Tesla has been able to confirm with multiple other LR RWD reservation holders that they are now seeing the same order status in their accounts.

Interestingly, the change appears to have not made it to all reservation holders. Canadian LR RWD hopeful and Drive Tesla contributor @MFrunker is still being told to “Prepare for delivery.”

If Tesla has finally cancelled the LR RWD Model Y, hopefully they are able to come up with some way to accomodate these early reservation holders. Tesla has been holding on to their $2,500 deposit for over two years, an amount that would be worth a lot more if they had invested it in TSLA shares at the time instead.

Do you have a LR RWD reservation? What does your account status show? Let us know in the comments below, or reach out to us at tips@driveteslacanada.ca.

Tesla emails Model Y order hold outs to take delivery by December 2 or lose your spot in line

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