Tesla launches two-seat version of the Model Y in France

Tesla has surprised with an all-new two-seater version of the Model Y. This new variant is only available in France, and has been added to the lineup to help electrify the country’s fleet of commercial vehicles.

The new two-seat version of the Model Y is not available through the Design Studio, and only available to business customers through their B2B (business-to-business) advisors, according to Clement Maguet, Senior Account Manager at Tesla, who shared the news of this unique Model Y on LinkedIn. (h/t: @EstherKokkelman)

With the rear bench removed, this Model Y has a storage capacity of 2,158 liters, or 76.2 cubic feet. This is a slight increase from the 2,041 liters (72.1 cubic feet) available in the Model Y when the second row seats are folded down. So what is the advantage of buying this two-seat version when you could buy the regular five-seat configuration and just fold the seats down for almost the same storage capacity?

According to Maguet, launching a two-seat variant allows it to be eligible for the country’s commercial vehicle taxation rates, with the hope to electrify some of the France’s 6.3 million commercial fleet vehicles, the majority of which are powered by diesel.

Maguet also shared a picture of the interior of the two-seat Model Y, showing it has a perfectly flat rear cargo area, and a divider has been added behind the front seats to keep whatever is being carried in the back, in the back.

Credit: Clement Maguet

For business customers that want to get an up-close look at the two-seat Model Y, Tesla will be putting it on display at various stores around France through to the end of July.

  • March 4 to March 18 in Strasbourg
  • March 18 to April 1 in Lille
  • April 1 to April 22 in Paris
  • April 22 to May 6 in Rennes et Nantes
  • May 6 to May 20 in Bordeaux
  • May 20 to June 3 in Toulouse
  • June 3 to June 17 in Aix-en-Provence
  • From June 17 to July 30 in Lyon
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