GM dealers prepped for Tesla Supercharger access to open in Q2

General Motors (GM) is telling its dealers to prepare for Tesla Supercharger access to open up to GM electric vehicle (EV) owners in the second quarter.

GM’s dealer network in Canada and the US have been briefed on the imminent rollout of Tesla Supercharger access, with the automaker sending out information last week. GM told its dealers that it expects to gain access in Q2 of this year, and that EV owners will be able to order a NACS (North American Charging Standard (NACS) adapter through their Vehicle Mobile App.

There was no information provided on whether owners will be required to pay for the NACS adapter, but like Ford and Rivian, GM will likely provide them with one free adapter, and bill them for any additional adapters ordered.

GM said this will allow for seamless access to the Supercharger network with payment being processed automatically in the myChevrolet, myGMC, and myCadillac apps.

“We’re excited for GM customers to begin accessing the Tesla Supercharger Network, set to launch in Q2 of this year. When the network opens, customers must be equipped with a North American Charging Standard (NACS) to CCS1 adapter and properly setup their public charging profile within the Vehicle Mobile App experience to execute a charge. Customers will be able order these adapters through the Vehicle Mobile App, as well as set up their public charging profile and add a payment method, enabling them to seamlessly find, charge, and pay at Tesla’s Supercharger stations,” the communication said. (via GM-Trucks)

Additionally, GM emphasized the importance of using GM-certified adapters to protect vehicle batteries and ensure compatibility, cautioning against third-party alternatives, although this is not uncommon to protect themselves against liability.

GM was initially expected to gain Supercharger access with Ford in February, as the two automakers were the first to agree to adopt Tesla’s charging technology on their future EVs. While Ford did gain access in February, there have been unidentified delays that have pushed back the date for GM, with Rivian jumping the line and gaining access earlier this month.

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