Tesla mobile app reveals Supercharger subscriptions for non-Tesla cars and more

Tesla has been updating their mobile app at a furious pace lately, having delivered several updates over the past month. These updates have not only added new features, but also revealed some upcoming features and even paint options hidden in the source code.

The latest version released over the weekend, v4.2.3 is no different. According to a decompile of the app by @Tesla_App_iOS, the automaker is close to opening the Supercharger network to other electric vehicles (EVs), and you’ll also soon be able to buy a Tesla directly within the app.

Supercharger Memberships & Charging non-Tesla Cars

Tesla has already announced plans to open the Supercharger network to other electric vehicles (EVs). We don’t know when exactly it is going to happen, but we now have some information on what is going to look like.

Based on the source code of the app, Tesla will allow other EV owners to purchase Supercharger membership packages. There is no mention of pricing within the app yet, other than references to paying “a lower price per kWh,” saving “on your monthly charging costs with a Membership.”

It also mentions that the membership will be billed on a monthly basis.

There was also more than just code, as @olympusdev_ was able to uncover app images that will help guide non-Tesla owners during their Supercharger experience.

We have heard previously that Tesla will first open the Supercharger network to other EV owners in Europe first. This makes sense as Tesla already uses universal CCS plugs in that market, so there would be no need for an adapter like that which would be needed in North America.

The imagery included in the app again confirms this, as the Supercharger seen above has the CCS charging handle, and not Tesla’s handle with their proprietary plug used in Canada and the US (and other markets).

Purchasing a Tesla Within The App

With the launch of the redesigned app in September, the Tesla Shop was added to the app. This allowed owners to purchase merchandise and accessories. Now Tesla is planning to take it one step further and add the ability to purchase a new car.

@ollympusdev_ was again able to uncover more images that show what this will look like once it is implemented.

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