Tesla Supercharger network to open to other automakers in Europe first

Tesla supercharger

After months and years of speculation Elon Musk finally confirmed earlier this summer that Tesla will open their expansive Supercharger network to other automakers. The decision was a controversial one among Tesla owners with many wondering how the increased traffic would impact congestion at Supercharger stations.

While some more details on how other electric vehicle (EV) owners would experience the Supercharger network were revealed in the Q2 2021 earnings call, we still didn’t know in what countries the automaker planned to open it up first.

During a quarterly meeting with all Tesla employees this afternoon, Musk said it will happen first in Europe, and should hopefully start in October.

The opening of the Supercharger network in Europe makes sense for Tesla and will be the easiest implementation for other automakers. EVs in Europe are equipped with CCS charge ports and will be able to use Tesla’s multi-port Superchargers that also have CCS plugs, unlike those in North America that only feature Tesla’s proprietary charge port.

News of the Supercharger network opening wasn’t the only news shared by Musk during this meeting. The biggest news was that Cybertruck production has been delayed until late 2022, and won’t reach volume production until 2023.

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