Tesla releases V4.1.0 of mobile app ahead of FSD button launch, but it won’t roll out to everyone tonight

On the night Tesla is supposed to release the coveted Full Self-Driving (FSD) button, they have first pushed a new version of their mobile app, V4.1.0, to the iOS App Store.

UPDATE: The FSD button has arrived, learn more here.

According to the release notes the update includes a number of new features that owners have been asking for. This includes the ability to adjust charge current, scheduled departure, or scheduled charging from within the app.

Owners of cars with BioWeapon Defense Mode can also now enable the feature through the app.

But most importantly was the asterisks at the bottom which said you need vehicle software version 2021.36 or higher for the features to work. Since this version has not been released yet, it is a good bet that is going to be the update that contains the FSD button.

Tesla app update
Image via @kkvr2823 /Twitter

Another sign that this is likely the case was discovered later by Teslascope, who found some code within the app that talks about Tesla Insurance and daily breakdowns of driving telemetry.

Elon Musk has previously said that the Tesla Insurance calculator will be running in the background of any vehicle that pushes the button, and FSD will only download after a week of being rated as a “good driver.”

If you were planning on staying up late tonight for the release of the button, you might end up disappointed. According to a Tesla Autopilot engineer, not everyone will receive it tonight. This is due to a number of reasons, including intense server load to push an update to the entire fleet at once.

The wait won’t be long, as the engineer says the biggest rollout of the button will take place Saturday afternoon.

Stay tuned for updates as we will bring you the latest when the button rollout starts. Also make sure you are following us on Twitter for all the latest Tesla news.

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