Take a peek inside Giga Texas as production inches closer [Video]

Giga Texas is expected to start production as soon as this week. Crews have been seen working at a feverish pace in recent weeks to put the finishing touches on the outside of the building before Tesla officially starts rolling cars off the production line.

Thanks to a recent drone flyover of the factory by Joe Tegtmeyer, we can also now see just how much progress Tesla has made inside the building.

Tegtmeyer was able to get his drone close to several parts of the factory in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

Thanks to the pre-dawn darkness and brightly lit interior of the factory, we get to see great views of the stamping machine area, the Giga Press machine area (3 installed and foundations for 2 more visible), the 4680 battery cell production line area, and the general assembly area.


You can watch the full action-packed video below.

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