Tesla Model Y made at Giga Texas spotted on public roads in Austin

A newly built Tesla Model Y has been spotted on public roads around the Giga Texas factory in Austin.

The sighting is yet another indication that the automaker is preparing to begin series production of customer cars very soon.

The car was spotted by Jeff Roberts, who made one of his most interesting discoveries yet with his drone not in the air, but in the back of his truck.

While waiting to make a left turn after flying his drone over Giga Texas, a black Model Y was seen heading out of the factory on the newly named Tesla Road.

After making his way through some traffic and catching up to the black Model Y Long Range with 19″ Gemini wheels, the lack of a license plate is a giveaway that this car was not brought over from Fremont, but recently built at Giga Texas.

The electric SUV was likely heading out to stretch its legs for a road test, marking the first time we have seen a Model Y built at Giga Texas on public roads.

We did see nearly a dozen earlier this week, but those were parked and plugged in to Destination chargers outside the factory.

Row of newly built Tesla Model Ys spotted outside Giga Texas [Update]

Tesla was hoping to begin production at Giga Texas before the end of 2021, but rumours have been circulating that the first deliveries will now happen before the end of the first quarter.

We could be getting an official date on Wednesday, when CEO Elon Musk is expected to make an appearance at the Q4 2021 and full year earnings call.

You can watch the full drone flyover below. The Model Y is spotted at 13:45.

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