Tesla is replacing side repeater cameras for free for some customers

According to a Reddit user on r/TeslaMotors, Tesla is now offering to replace side repeater cameras for free for some customers.

In December, you may remember that when Tesla released their Holiday Update that included a blind spot camera feature.

However, after the update some owners had a glare from the side repeater camera. The glare led to the blind spot feature becoming ineffective.

Initially, the fix was Tesla adding a piece of tape to cover the holes that caused the glare. That fix was costing customers $470, including installation.

However, it looks like Tesla has reversed the policy and is now offering the replacement for free.

The Reddit post shows “Replace Both Side Repeater Cameras” and a charge of zero.

As per the user, he went in to repair the windshield, and the replacement of the repeater cameras was added to their visit.

This user was not alone with multiple people confirming they had the same service completed for free on the thread.

So, if you have been unable to use your blind spot feature due to the glare. It might be worth touching base with your local service centre.

Tesla did not confirm that they have switched the policy on the repeater lights or if this is something new moving forward.

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