DIY fix for side repeater camera glare in Tesla Model 3 and Model Y, but it is not for the faint of heart

After the most recent Holiday Software Update, Tesla finally released a blind spot camera function.

However, with this new function came a new issue.

The blind spot camera on many Model 3 and Model Y cars can be blinded by the turn signal LED at night.

You will know you have this issue if you notice a significant glare at the top of the camera when your turn signals are active.

Tesla is aware of the ‘problem’, noting that the cameras on cars produced until late 2021 suffer from “some light leak,” but say it is “neither a defect of materials or workmanship.”

Upon inspecting the two different versions of the cameras, YouTubers Tesla Gurus discovered the reason for the light leak are three tiny holes on the circuit board.

To correct it, Tesla Service is offering owners the option to upgrade the cameras to the latest version for $470 USD, which as you can see in the video are identical expect for a new piece of tape over the three holes.

For some, that is a great solution; for others, Tesla Gurus on YouTube has a DIY solution. However, it is not for the faint of heart.

The solution is:

  • Remove the camera unit
  • Using a drill, drill two holes only through the plastic of the camera housing. (for specific spots, see the video)
  • Using a concealer, put a drop onto the PCB board and sensor to seal three small holes
  • Seal the hole with a water-proof sealant
  • Test the camera

Here is the end result – only the smallest amount of light leak, barely visible on the right hand side (left before, right after).

As with any DIY fix, you are doing this at your own risk. Any damage to your car or your cameras would not be covered under any warranty.

Check out the full video below which goes into more details about the fix.

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