Delta Airlines tested Starlink internet services

starlink airline

Starlink might one day be an option for those flying commercial within the United States.

According to reporting by the Wall Street Journal, Delta Airlines recently completed testing of Starlink internet.

Chief Executive Ed Bastien confirmed the reports in a recent interview but declined to provide any specifics of the testing.

Delta is among several major airlines looking to find a cheaper and more dependable way to bring wi-fi to the skies.

We have not heard much about Starlink’s offerings to major airlines. However, last year Elon Musk confirmed that SpaceX was working towards certification for Boeing 737 and Airbus A320s.

SpaceX currently has Federal Communication Commission permission to test Starlink for aircraft. However, we have yet to see any certification from the Federal Aviation Authority.

The FAA certifies all satellite-internet equipment installed on commercial aircraft. However, the FAA would not comment on if SpaceX is currently undertaking certification efforts.

Although we have not heard anything from the company, evidently, it is still a priority. Last month, Starlink’s Vice President Jonathan Hofeller noted at a conference that in-flight internet is ripe for an overhaul.

SpaceX is relatively tight-lipped on its commercial Starlink services and they did not provide a comment on this story.

However, after my first few flights post-pandemic, quality in-flight internet cannot come soon enough!

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