2021 Tesla Model 3 side repeater cameras not working, leading to parts supply shortage

It appears as though a manufacturing issue is causing many of the side repeater cameras on the new 2021 Tesla Model 3 to stop working, resulting in a worldwide parts shortage.

Based on information from several owners who have reached out to Drive Tesla, it appears as though the issue is always limited to just one of the side repeater cameras. The problem is not however limited to the same side between owners, as either the left or right side repeater camera can be faulty.

The problem presents itself in two ways. The first, which appears to be less common, is an intermittent flickering of the video when watching footage on the in-car display. The more common is just a permanently blank screen, indicating the camera isn’t working at all.

Defective side repeater Tesla Model 3

The problem is more than just an annoying or non-existent camera view however. Since the self-driving features rely on data from the cameras, features like Autopilot, Navigate on Autopilot, and Smart Summon do not work.

According to Tesla Service, the cause of the faulty cameras is a loose connection on the camera board itself, meaning the whole unit needs to be replaced. Since Tesla just launched the refresh Model 3 with factory black trim, there is currently a short supply of black side repeater cameras.

This shortage is causing delays of up to one month or more before the work can be completed. The replacement will of course be performed free of charge.

Have you experienced these issues with your side repeater cameras? How long did it take to get them replaced? Let us know in the comments below.

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