Tesla hacker finds evidence of a new 109kWh battery pack that will easily surpass 643km range

Last week Tesla quietly updated their website and added a new Long Range Plus Model S and Model X to the lineup. Each vehicle got a range boost thanks to improved battery dynamics, with the Model S topping out at 627km (390 miles) of range.

Recently a hacker has found evidence that Tesla may be working on an even bigger 109kWh battery pack configuration that could easily top that number, and surpass the mythical 643km (400 mile) range barrier.

Jason Hughes, a Tesla hacker most well known for first discovering the plans for the P100D in 2016, found mention in the latest BMS (battery management software) of a ~109kWh usable packID.

Given the recent update to improve the range to 627km, it should come as no surprise that Tesla would be working on the next generation of batteries that will give even more range. This could be the battery that comes out with the new Plaid powertrain, expected later this year.

With the company’s Battery and Powertrain Investor Day coming up soon, we’ll be learning a lot more about Tesla’s future plans when it comes to batteries.

Plaid Model S at Nurburgring
Tesla’s prototpye Plaid Model S at Nürburgring

h/t [Teslarati]

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