Tesla Giga Berlin final approval to hopefully come in October: Elon Musk

Tesla began construction of Giga Berlin early in 2020. Just over one and a half years later, the factory is nearly complete, yet the automaker has not received final approval for it from German authorities.

With production nearing, CEO Elon Musk is feeling optimistic final approval will come by October.

In an interview at the Giga Berlin factory this week, Musk was asked by reporters when he expects the paperwork to become official.

“I don’t know, we’re hoping to get that final approval in October. For Oktoberfest,” Musk laughed.

If that final approval comes as expected for Musk, it will be just in time for the company’s plans to host factory tours.

In a tweet on Friday, Musk announced that on October 9 Tesla will be holding a “Giga Berlin-Brandenburg county fair”. Musk added the tours would be open to the general public, but priority would be given to nearby residents of the factory.

You can watch Musk answering several questions from reporters outside Giga Berlin below. The question on approval begins at 2:33.


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