Hyundai Ioniq 5 gets official EPA range and efficiency ratings

Hyundai Ioniq
Credit: Hyundai

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released the official range and efficiency ratings for three versions of the Hyundai Ioniq 5 yesterday afternoon.

However, the biggest surprise was not the ratings but what versions were included.

The testing was on the Long Range RWD, AWD and Standard Range RWD. However, no one expected the latter Ioniq 5 Standard Range RWD to launch in the United States. So, this could hint that the option could come to the North American market later.

The Standard Range RWD range is 354 km (220 miles). The Long Range RWD range is 488 km (303 miles) and meets the announced range of 482 km. The AWD version of the Ioniq 5 reached 412 km (256 miles) in range.

ioniq ratings

The AWD result is a little disappointing as previously Hyundai thought it would reach at least 433 km (269 miles).

Here is how it broke down for combined energy consumption on the efficiency side.

The Standard Range RWD got 110 MPGe. The Long Range RWD received 114 MPGe. At the same time, the AWD version got 98 MPGe.

All in all, not the worst showing by Hyundai in terms of EPA ratings. However, the mystery continues if the Standard Range RWD version hits the North American market or not—especially considering the somewhat disappointing AWD results.

Natural Resources Canada has not yet added the IONIQ 5 ratings to their website.

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h/t: InsideEVs

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