More Tesla Model Y bodies arrive in Germany as Giga Berlin nears test production

As Giga Texas nears Model Y test production this week, crews at Giga Berlin are doing their best to keep up. Over the weekend at least 9 new Model Y bodies arrived in Germany.

The plastic-wrapped Model Ys were spotted at Giga Berlin on August 6th by @Gf4Tesla, who regularly flies over Giga Berlin to capture the progress of construction. Judging by the photos the test bodies could have arrived inside wooden shipping containers, which appear to be broken up nearby.

If so, that could mean there were another 2 Model Y bodies (for a total of 11) still left to be unpackaged at the time the flyover took place.

By the next day, August 7th, Tobias Lindh found the cars have been removed from the area. They were presumably taken inside the factory where they will be used to further test and validate production line equipment.

Tesla has been testing production equipment at Giga Berlin for several months already. In early June Drive Tesla received exclusive images showing production line process testing on Model Y frames and castings.

Even though the automaker appears to be progressing with their testing, they are likely still at least a few months away from beginning consumer production in Germany. Sources last week said Giga Berlin was about one month behind the schedule of Giga Texas, and that test Model Y production should begin this week.

In the company’s Q2 2021 earnings report last month they said they are still on track to have the first Model Y vehicles roll out of both Giga Berlin and Giga Texas in 2021.

In the interim, Tesla has decided to export made-in-China Model Y vehicles to Europe. Deliveries of those vehicles could begin as soon as later this week or early next week.

You can see @Gf4Tesla’s full drone flyover of Giga Berlin from August 6th below. You can catch a glimpse of the Model Y bodies at 6:50.

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