Tesla delivery wait times in North America drop to less than one month

If you have been waiting to order a new Tesla, estimated delivery wait times in North America for most variants and configurations have dropped to less than one month.

According to Tesla’s Design Studio in both Canada and the United States, all variants of the Model 3, and the Model Y Performance, can be delivered as soon as this month or next.

The lone holdout is the Model Y Long Range, which has a slightly longer delivery window of December 2022 to March 2023.

These shorter wait times apply even when customers select either the stock wheels or one of the free paint colours. Selecting either an optional wheel package or an upgraded paint colour would previously cut your delivery wait time by a significant amount, so much so that Tesla changed the coding of the Design Studio to automatically select the 19″ Sport rims on the Model 3 configurator.

The Model 3 Long Range is still not available after Tesla shut down orders for that variant back in August.

Not to be left out, new orders for the Model S and Model X Plaid can also be delivered as soon as this month. However the wait time is quite a bit longer for the Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive Model X, which won’t be delivered until between March and June 2023.

The short delivery wait times are in stark contrast from what they were earlier in the year when customers would have to wait close to a year to receive their new cars.

Part of the reason delivery wait times for the Model Y have dropped so significantly is likely due to the production ramp at Giga Texas. The factory has been producing the Long Range variant with 2170 cells since earlier this year, and produced its 20,000 Model Y last month.

Tesla’s Fremont factory has also been producing cars at record rates, building it’s 2 millionth vehicle earlier this summer. That was about one month after the factory set a new single-day production record.

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