Tesla mobile app update adds several undocumented features – Supercharger details, Autopilot mileage, and more

Earlier this week Tesla released a new version of their mobile app, v4.12.0, with the release notes only mentioning two new features – the addition of tire pressures and some new Powerwall support videos.

However there were several other new features added that really should have been included in the release notes as owners may not be aware of them.

Supercharger Details

Tapping on the ‘Location’ tab in the app now reveals more details about nearby Superchargers. Similar to the details that are available in the vehicle, you can now see a station’s max power output (72kw, 150kw, 250kw).

You can still view the number of stalls available and the distance to the Supercharger.

Tapping on an individual Supercharger location also now reveals even more information, including icons for nearby amenities like WiFi, restrooms, food and drinks, and more.

Unfortunately tapping on the icons doesn’t show you more information, like it does in the vehicle.

Distance Driven on Autopilot

Tesla fans have long been asking Elon Musk for an additional trip meter that displays the distance driven with Autopilot engaged. With this app update they have sort of responded to that request, but there are a few catches.

The distance driven on Autopilot is only available for those owners with Safety Score (both for FSD Beta and Tesla Insurance), and the distance displayed is only for the last 30 days that are used to calculate your Safety Score.

To access simply tap on the ‘i’ in the top right corner of the Safety Score page in the app.

Open Frunk or Trunk Confirmation

With this app update you are no longer asked “Are you sure?” when you try to open your frunk or trunk through the mobile app, but only when you are within Bluetooth range of your vehicle. If you are further away, you are still asked the question.

This is likely because in most cases you can still physically see your car when you are within Bluetooth range.

Managing Additional Drivers

Since October last year you have been able to add additional drivers through the mobile app. Tesla has updated the interface slightly and you can now ‘Manage Drivers’ from the bottom of the main screen.

You can also still access these controls through the now renamed ‘Security and Drivers’ tab.

Additionally those additional drivers can now remove their access from their mobile app.

Did you notice any other changes in the app? Let us know in the comments below.

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