Two millionth Tesla vehicle rolls off Fremont factory production line

Tesla’s Fremont factory has reached a significant milestone this week, producing its 2 millionth vehicle on Monday.

Tesla celebrated the accomplishment by sharing a video of the 2 millionth vehicle, a Red Multi-Coat Model 3 Performance surrounded by the employees that helped build it. Some of those employees also shared photos of the car on social media.

CEO Elon Musk also took to Twitter to note the accomplishment, including Giga Nevada in his tweet as that factory produces the battery packs that have gone into the majority of the 2 million EVs built at Fremont, including the 2 millionth EV.

The Fremont factory was originally built in 1962 and was operated by General Motors until it was taken over by NUMMI, a former General Motors-Toyota joint venture.

Tesla took over the factory in 2010, at which time it was “derelict”, according to Musk.

Since then Tesla has turned the 5.3 million square foot factory it into one of the world’s most advanced production plants and the biggest car factory in North America. It is also the most productive car factory in North America, producing an average of just under 9,000 vehicles per week.

The accomplishment is especially notable considering the factory was not designed by Tesla, and the production flow is not optimized. Tesla has highlighted this fact comparing the flow to their purpose-built factory in China, Giga Shanghai, which has an orderly flow from stamping to general assembly, all of it taking place under one roof.

While Tesla has just reached 2 million vehicles built at Fremont, they are about to surpass 3 million vehicles sold globally. As of the end of June, Tesla has sold a total of 2,899,877 vehicles, meaning they should surpass 3 million vehicles sold and delivered sometime later this month or early in August.

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