Tesla Commercial Services feature allows you to set the price for charging

For Tesla Wall Connector owners, you can now set the price for charging at your Wall Connector.

As per Twitter user, Whole Mars Catalog, it appears that the Tesla Commercial Services feature is now live.

The charging will work with both Tesla and non-Tesla EVs.

As per the Tesla terms and conditions:

Tesla Commercial Services can be enabled on Gen3 Tesla Wall Connectors that are connected to either Wi-Fi or Cellular and have a signed Services Agreement with Tesla. A minimum of six units are required to be installed to be considered for this service.

So, whether you have an apartment complex,  hotel or even an HOA, you can start charging if you have at least six wall units on your property.

As for the billing, it appears that it bills right through your Tesla account.

Regarding availability, it looks like it is currently limited to the latest Wall Connector with WiFi or cellular connection.

However, it does not appear that Tesla will be extending the feature to older units at this time.

Either way, this is excellent news for those looking to recoup some of the cost of charger and electricity.

This new feature will hopefully pave the way for more chargers in high-density and commercial areas looking to electrify their parking lots.

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