Tesla makes their pitch to Jasper City Council to install new Superchargers

Late last year we told you about plans for Tesla to install 8 new Superchargers in the small town of Jasper in the Canadian Rockies. The plan was originally to be pitched at a January council meeting, but it was postponed until this week when Tesla appeared in front of council.

Tesla’s proposal called for the 8 new Superchargers to be installed on a municipal parking lot across from the Robinsons AG Foods store on Connaught Dr. Tesla would also bear all the costs of the monthly transmission and equipment capital, estimated to be approximately $10,000 per month. In addition to the 8 Superchargers, Tesla would also install 8 J1772 chargers and also have the capacity for some generic DC Fast Chargers.

The automaker presented over 115 messages showing support for the project, also detailing the benefits of bringing a Tesla Supercharger to Jasper, like increased business and traffic to the area.

ATCO also presented to council at the same meeting to bring even more charging options to Jasper. Unlike the Tesla proposal, Jasper Municipal Council would pay for the upfront equipment and installation costs, estimated at $120,000 for the proposed DC Fast Charger station. In exchange, municipal fleet vehicles would get preferential charging rates.

Both proposals were positively received by council, according to a report in the fitzHUGH.

The mayor, Richard Ireland said he would like to see the proposals move forward giving residents and visitors more charging stations in Jasper. “It is the future,” he said.

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