First batch of Tesla Model Ys arrive in Australia

Credit: Tesla

Tesla is expanding the Model Y’s availability to Australia, where the first set of buyers will soon take delivery of their orders. As reported by The Driven, the country’s Register of Approved Vehicles (RAV) reveals the first units of the EV have landed.

Meanwhile, Tesla’s chair, Robyn Denholm, has said the company’s sales in Australia in 2022 may surpass sales for the last eight years.

These newly arrived Model Y’s are just the tip of the iceberg as thousands of other Model Y’s and Model 3’s are in transit and will be delivered in the next two months, as corroborated by Tesla shipping tracker @Vedaprime on Twitter.

The EVs in this batch were manufactured in June at Tesla’s Giga Shanghai.

When the Model 3 arrived in Australia in 2019, the shipment was brought in through Port Kembla and then transported to the country’s capital cities. It is not clear yet how Tesla will handle this shipment.

Tesla threw open pre-orders for the Model Y in Australia on June 10, meaning buyers do not have to wait long before driving off in their new cars. Hundreds of deliveries are expected to be made soon. However, new orders may have to bear a three months waiting period.

Data from the RAV shows that the Model Y’s are of the five-seat configuration, the only one available for order in Australia. The seven-seat option may be available in the future. They are also Rear-Wheel Drive. The Performance trim buyers will have to wait for their cars to be produced and shipped.

The new Model Y owners will be able to take advantage of Enhanced Autopilot, which Tesla just expanded to Australia and New Zealand.


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