Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirms factory shutdown in leaked email, says it is back up and running

Tesla Fremont
Credit: Dai Sugano /Bay Area News Group

It was reported last night that Tesla’s Fremont factory was partially shut down due to a parts shortage from chip supplier Samsung.

CEO Elon Musk confirmed the shutdown in an email to all staff this afternoon, adding that production has already restarted and will be back to normal soon.

“Fremont production is back up and running as of yesterday and will spool up rapidly to full 3/Y production over the next several days,” said Musk.

Musk also confirmed the shutdown was due to a parts supply issue, adding the downtime allowed them to do “equipment upgrades and maintenance.”

His company-wide email also touched on refresh Model S and Model X production. After being shut down in early December, Musk said the production lines are close to reopening. He added that due to high demand, the S/X lines will soon be back on a two shift schedule.

“Model S/X production lines are almost done retooling and will be aiming for max production next quarter. There is high demand, so we will soon need to go back to two shifts for S/X. Please recommend friends to recruiting.”

Here is a full copy of the email.

Musk email

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