Tesla Fremont factory partially shut down for two days, could extend for two weeks: Confirmed

Tesla’s Fremont factory has been partially shut down for two days and could be for as long as two weeks according to sources who spoke with Tesla enthusiast Sawyer Merritt.

We have reached out to our sources at Fremont to verify the story, or provide any additional details. We will update this article as we learn more.

UPDATE: We have been able to independently confirm through a source at Fremont the Model 3 production line has been shutdown and will remain shutdown for 2 weeks.

Based on the information he received from multiple sources it appears the shutdown doesn’t impact the entire factory. It is unclear which production lines have been affected, but the Model 3 line seems like it could have been a victim with some workers reportedly sent home for two weeks.

The reason for the shutdown was speculated to be tied to a shortage from chip supplier Samsung. The massive winter storm in Texas last week caused widespread power outages, and Samsung’s facility in Austin was shutdown as a result. Based on a report from the Austin American-Statesman the facility was still shutdown as of February 23.

While it might sound dire Tesla likely has enough inventory to cover any downtime, as noted by Merritt. Some production is also still going on, including for the refresh Model S and Model X. We reported earlier that several were seen at the factory looking ready for delivery to customers.

A late night scouting trip by @WholeMarsBlog also revealed numerous Model 3 and Model Y vehicles ready for transport. It was also noted the employee parking lot seemed to have a normal amount of cars for the time of night.

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