Hot Wheels RC Tesla Cybertruck shows up on Target shelves in California

It was all the way back in February 2020 when Mattel announced two radio controlled versions of the Tesla Cybertruck. With a scheduled delivery date of December 2020, the wait began as pre-orders quickly sold out.

In November Drive Tesla was first to report deliveries had been delayed. That was confirmed days later by Mattel saying they wouldn’t arrive until May 2021.

Even though we are still months 3 months away from that date, the mini Cybertruck has appeared on Target shelves in California.

The smaller 1:64 scale version of the electric truck was purchased by John Atienza at the San Bernardino Target today, February 25 2021. According to Atienza, he was stopped at the Target to use the restroom. As most Tesla fans do, he stopped by the Hot Wheels section and saw the Cybertruck on the shelves.

Knowing that they weren’t supposed to be out until May, he purchased it for $19.99 and shared this photo of his receipt to prove it.

Mattel Cybertruck receipt

Atienza said he only saw one of the Cybertrucks on the shelves. Strangely, the wording on the back of the packaging is in what appears to be Russian.

Mattel Cybertruck
Image via John Atienza /Facebook

It appears Atienza wasn’t the only one to have found one in Target. A Reddit post from February 21 shows u/Tasty_Astronomer240 was also able to purchase one. No specific location was provided other than it was also in California.

If you want one call target and ask for this DPCI # 087070112. It won’t show up on the app or online.. you’re welcome 😇 from r/HotWheels

If you’re in California (or anywhere in the US), let us know if you’re also able to find one at Target with the DCPI #087070112.

h/t: @TeslaTruckClub

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