Tesla will open portion of Canadian Supercharger network to other EVs later this year

Tesla will open up a portion of its Supercharger network across Canada to other EVs later this year, before expanding to include approximately 750 Supercharger connectors by the end of 2025. The announcement actually didn’t come from Tesla themselves, but rather through the Canadian government, who announced today a $35 million investment to install nearly 3,000 new EV chargers in Ontario.

According to the government, Tesla will first open select Supercharger connectors at various stations to non-Tesla owners later this year between Sudbury and Ottawa. An exact number of stations or connectors that will be made available to other EV owners was not provided, but by the end of 2025 Tesla has committed to opening 750 “charging connectors in public locations…wherever site hosts allow.”

These will include a combination of retrofits, presumably the Magic Dock CCS connector, as well as new construction of at least 350 V3 Superchargers capable of charging speeds of 250kW. The open Superchargers will be located across Canada, with a focus on the Trans-Canada route from Ottawa to Calgary.

Tesla of course first opened up their Supercharger network to non-Tesla EVs in Europe in late 2021. Since then it has expanded to more than a dozen countries across the region. Tesla also expanded the program to the US earlier this year, with stations in California and New York open to other EVs.

Today’s announcement follows another major announcement by Tesla yesterday in which Ford has agreed to adopt Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS), giving Ford EV owners access to over 12,000 Superchargers in Canada and the US.

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