Honda and Acura also adopting Tesla’s NACS

Tesla’s charging technology is known to be among the best, leading to its competitors adopting its standards. Honda and Acura are the latest EV brands to get on the NACS connector train in North America.

CEO of American Honda Motor Co, Noriya Kaihara, confirmed the move in an interview. He said, “It is quite important. We also have to push NACS, as well. It is clear.”

However, the details depend on General Motors, who owns the Ultium EV platform that the first electric Honda and Acura will ride on. GM itself has joined the NACS alliance, with a planned switch from CCS1 in 2025. It is reasonable to expect Honda and Acura to switch around the same time.

Honda, however, is working on its own EV platform, and the company might integrate NACS right off the bat.

Speaking on what makes Tesla’s NACS and Superchargers attractive for EV makers in North America, Jay Joseph, Honda VP of Sustainability and Business Development, said, “If you look at what’s so great about the Tesla Supercharger network, it’s the maintenance. They stay on top of it, they’ve got someone onsite monitoring the equipment, they’re monitoring it electronically and remotely, and they fix it – fast. That’s probably the most important thing.”

Texas has mandated charging stations to support Tesla’s NACS to be eligible for federal funds. Meanwhile, other EV makers that have adopted NACS include FiskerNissanMercedes Benz, and Ford.

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