Tesla expands deployment of Magic Dock to Texas [Update]

Tesla has started retrofitting more Superchargers with the Magic Dock, allowing non-Tesla electric vehicle (EV) owners to access the Supercharger network. The latest retrofit is to a Supercharger in Fort Worth, Texas, and comes after several quiet months in regards to the Magic Dock.

We first learned about the Magic Dock over one year ago, a device that adds a CCS connector to a Supercharger. It wasn’t until earlier this year in February however until the first Magic Dock was officially installed at a Supercharger station in New York. The installation process was simple and an entire station could be retrofitted in a matter of hours, with Tesla adding the adapter at nine stations in New York and two in California in the following weeks.

Then news about the Magic Dock came to a halt, with no new stations being converted as Tesla tested the adapter to make sure it was working properly in the wild. It looked like the Magic Dock was going to become pointless with major automakers signing deals to adopt Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS), but now the company has retrofitted a station in Texas with the Magic Dock this week.

Tesla hasn’t officially announced the new Magic Dock station, or added it to its map of Superchargers open to non-Tesla EVs, but Tesla owner Jared noticed them being installed in Eastchase Fort Worth on Tuesday.

UPDATE 3:53pm PT: This Supercharger in Fort Worth now shows up on the Tesla map as open to non-Tesla EVs with CCS compatibility.

According to Jared, who said he spoke with the technicians installed the Magic Docks, they had brought along a rented F-150 Lightning to test the adapter to make sure it was working properly. Interestingly, Ford was the first automaker to agree to adopt NACS and add the charging port to their future EVs.

We have yet to see the Magic Dock appear in Canada, but that should be happening in the next few months. The federal government announced in May that Tesla will first open select Supercharger connectors at various stations to non-Tesla owners between Sudbury and Ottawa later this year, before expanding to 750 connectors across the country by 2025.

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