Tesla Model Next spied in China, or is it a Mazda CX-30?

With Tesla expected to announce more details and possibly unveil their next-generation platform at Investor Day on March 1, a camouflaged compact SUV has been spotted in China leading to rumours that this could be Tesla’s Model Next. However a closer look at the details reveals that is unlikely to be the case, but there are still a lot of questions about what this vehicle is.

The first photos that were shared showed a close-up look at the camouflaged vehicle on the back of a trailer. At first glance the taillights and headlights are unmistakably those from the Model 3 and Model Y, and the wheels are definitely the 19″ Gemini wheels from the Model Y. There were even Tesla’s red brake calipers hiding behind the Gemini aero covers.

However online users were quick to point out some inconsistencies and figured out this vehicle had all the telltales of a Mazda CX-30, including the chrome trim on the rear window, reflectors in the rear bumper, the third brake light, the door handles, the gas cap, and the cutout in the bumper for an exhaust.

Before this comparison emerged, and even since, many have said these photos are fake and a terrible photoshop job, but more photos have now been shared online showing it is a real car, only leading to more questions about what it actually is.

This time the mystery car was spotted driving on a quiet local road in China, revealing that it is actually a functioning vehicle. In one of the photos it appears to be at this location with a large SUV, although we can’t quite make out the manufacturer, which might lend a clue as to who made this Frankenstein vehicle. (if any of our readers can tell us what the SUV is please let us know in the comments below)

While we would like to believe this is Tesla’s Model Next, the chances of that are unlikely for several reasons. The biggest reason we believe it is not is that Tesla would not go to all this effort to camouflage the vehicle, only to leave the headlights and taillights exposed, and at the same time use their well recognized Gemini wheels. We have recently seen camouflaged Model 3s in California where Tesla has gone to more effort than this to hide the headlights and taillights from keen-eyed fans.

What do you think this car is? Who do you think made it? Let us know in the comments below.

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