Tesla brings back J1772 Wall Connector with updated design [Update]

After having it in their online shop for just over two weeks in 2021, Tesla has brought back their Wall Connector with a J1772 plug with a slightly updated design and a higher price.

The J1772 Wall Connector means the product can be used by any J1772 compatible EV (which is just about every EV), and was added back to the Tesla Shop this afternoon, as spotted by the Tesla Shop Bot on Twitter.

When it was pulled from the shop in 2021, it cost $515 CAD or $415 USD, making it cheaper than almost all third-party home charging solutions, which can easily approach $1,000 CAD or more.

Today that price has been increased to $755 CAD or $550 USD, making it more expensive but still cheaper than many chargers offered by the competition. It is also quite a bit more expensive than the Tesla specific Wall Connector, which sells for $510 CAD or $400 USD.

UPDATE 2:45pm PT: The J1772 Wall Connector does not qualify for the $255 CAD/$200 USD discount for new owners. The discount code still only works for the Mobile Connector or Tesla specific Wall Connector.

With the increased price you also get an updated design for the charge handle, while the Wall Connector itself remains true to its original design.

Tesla says the J1772 Wall Connector can provide most electric vehicles (EVs) with up to 70 km (44 miles) of range added per hour through a 24-foot cable. The unit can also “power-share to maximize existing electrical capacity, automatically distributing power and allowing you to charge multiple vehicles simultaneously,” the product description reads.

These are the same specifications as the Tesla specific Wall Connector.

There is no mention in the description or in the specifications and manuals that it comes with WiFi capability like the standard Gen 3 Wall Connector which allows business owners to bill customers for using the chargers.

If you are interesting in buying one, you can do so at the links below. Tesla owners can still use this, but would need to use the J1772 adapter that is included with all new vehicle purchases.

Canada – buy here
USA – buy here

Tesla has actually been making the J1772 Wall Connector for a number of years, but has not typically made it available to the regular consumer, with the exception being that brief 19 day period in 2021.

The best chance to spot one is by visiting a Parks Canada place, where dozens have been installed through a donation from Tesla to Parks Canada in 2019.


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