J1772 Wall Connector disappears from Tesla Shop

On November 1, 2021 Tesla added a new J1772 Wall Connector to its online shop. The J1772 plug meant the product could be used by non-Tesla vehicles, and with its price point of $515 CAD or $415 USD, looked like it was going to be an attractive home charging solution for EV owners.

But less than three weeks after it was added, the J1772 Wall Connector is no longer available on the Tesla Shop. And it is doesn’t appear to be because they sold out.

Unlike when products are out of stock, the Wall Connector has been removed entirely, with the product URL giving a ‘404’ error.


It is unclear at this time if it will return, but usually when a product gets pulled like this, it is permanent.

Despite its recent launch to customers, Tesla has actually been making the J1772 Wall Connector for over a year.

They have been available across Canada on Destination Chargers that were donated to Parks Canada last year.

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