Tesla adds new Wall Connector with J1772 plug

On the same day Tesla opened up their Supercharger network to all electric cars in the Netherlands, Tesla has added a new charging product to its online store that can be used by more than just Tesla owners.

A new version of the popular Wall Connector now includes a J1772 plug instead of Tesla’s proprietary plug.

Referred to simply as the ‘J1772 Gen 2 Wall Connector’, Tesla describes it as a “convenient home charging solution for electric vehicle owners. Simply plug in overnight and charge while you sleep.” (h/t: @Chad18945)

The unit provides up to 9.6 kW (40 amp) of power output and includes a 24-foot cable. If Tesla owners purchase this J1772 Wall Connector, you will need to use your included adapter in order to plug in.

Since they are Gen 2, these Wall Connectors should boost the popularity of Tesla’s Destination Charging program as several units can be paired together to share power on a single breaker.

On the Canadian store the J1772 Wall Connector is priced at $515, while in the US it costs $415. This is cheaper than the original Wall Connector (still available) at $635 CAD/$500 USD.

It is also much cheaper than third-party home charging solutions which can easily approach $1,000 CAD or more.

Canadians can purchase yours here. If you’re in the US, you can check it out here.

Even though Tesla only added the product to its shop today, the automaker has already added them at numerous Parks Canada places. The chargers were donated to Parks Canada last year.

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