Tesla begins shipping Midnight Cherry Red Model Ys from Giga Berlin to showrooms

Last year Tesla introduced two new colours exclusive to Giga Berlin, Quicksilver and Midnight Cherry Red. The automaker decided to get Quicksilver out the door first with deliveries of that colour starting late last year. Now Tesla is getting close to launching deliveries of Midnight Cherry Red as the first vehicles produced in that colour are heading off to showrooms across Europe.

Over the weekend at least one car carrier was spotted in Germany by a reader of the popular TFF forum, who shared photos of both Long Range and Performance Model Ys finished in Midnight Cherry Red on the back of the truck on the A1 Autobahn, accompanied by at least one Quicksilver Model Y.

While this is a potential sign that these vehicles are heading off to be delivered to their lucky new owners, these Midnight Cherry Red Model Ys are actually on their way to showrooms so customers can get an up close look at it, according to one of our sources at Giga Berlin.

However the first deliveries likely aren’t that far away. Just a few weeks before deliveries of Quicksilver began, Tesla similarly shipped a number of Model Ys finished in the new silver colour to showrooms in several European countries. Given that timeline we could see the first Midnight Cherry Red deliveries before the month is out.

The two new colours are exclusive to Giga Berlin because of the factory’s advanced Paint Shop, which allows them to “apply many fine layers of paint, giving it complexity not otherwise possible,” Elon Musk explained when the colours were first launched.

Despite not having a Paint Shop as advanced as Giga Berlin, Fremont just added a new colour to its palette for the Model S/X – Ultra Red. While similar to Midnight Cherry Red, Ultra Red is more vibrant.  In an email announcing the new colour Tesla said Ultra Red “features a high-chroma color and multi-layered paint process that delivers an exceptionally vibrant finish.”

Tesla’s new Ultra Red gets real-world comparison with Multi-Coat Red

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