Tesla’s new Ultra Red gets real-world comparison with Multi-Coat Red

Tesla announced a brand new paint option earlier this week exclusive to the Model S and Model X called Ultra Red. Some computer generated images of the new colour were added to the website, but today we get our first real-world look at Ultra Red and a comparison against Tesla’s other red – Multi-Coat Red.

Always on the lookout for the newest Tesla, our friends over at The Kilowatts spotted a Model X finished in Ultra Red at the Fremont factory on Friday. The weather in the Bay Area was unfortunately overcast and rainy, which gave the Ultra Red colour a deeper, darker appearance that reminds us of Tesla’s Signature Red from the early days of the company.

However when you look at it compared to the existing Multi-Coat Red, you can immediately see the difference and from what we can see it appears to the naked eye to be a more “high-end” finish perfect for Tesla’s flagship vehicles. In an email announcing the new colour Tesla said Ultra Red “features a high-chroma color and multi-layered paint process that delivers an exceptionally vibrant finish.”

Getting the new Ultra Red paint on your Model S or Model X will be more expensive than the previous Multi-Coat Red. Canadian buyers will have to fork out an additional $4,000, while those is in the US will have to pay $3,000 on top of the base price of the vehicle.

The lucky ones are those customers with existing Model S/X orders for Multi-Coat Red as Tesla is upgrading them to Ultra Red, without them having to pay the difference ($1,000 CAD/$500 USD). Unfortunately there are currently no plans for Tesla to bring Ultra Red to the Model 3 or Model Y.

What do you think of Ultra Red? Would you order it? Let us know in the comments below.

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