Tesla launches new Quicksilver and Midnight Cherry Red colours exclusive to Giga Berlin [Update]

Tesla has made a significant update to its Design Studio in Europe and the Middle East, launching a two new colours that are exclusive to Giga Berlin – Quicksilver and Midnight Cherry Red.

The colours are only available on the Long Range and Performance variants of the Model Y, and replace the previous Midnight Silver Metallic and Red Multicoat colours that were offered.

Earlier this summer Drive Tesla reported exclusively that crews at Giga Berlin had completed the first tests cars in Crimson Red and Mercury Silver Metallic, sending them back to the United States for validation.

We were expecting those colours to be approved very soon based on information we received from the first Giga Berlin Works Council meeting and today Tesla officially added the new colours to the Design Studio, but has switched the names of both colours.

Based on previous hints in the source code we were also expecting the new colours to be called Crimson Red and Mercury Silver Metallic, however Tesla is now calling them Quicksilver and Midnight Cherry Red. (h/t: @MilMileBattery)

UPDATE 11:05pm PT: Tesla has shared a video showing off the new colours.

According to the Design Studio they are only available on the Long Range and Performance variants of the Model Y, and not the entry-level Model Y RWD, but they will cost you.

Midnight Cherry Red is available for €3,200 (~$4,300 CAD/$3,100 USD) while Quicksilver will cost slightly less at €3,000 (~$4,000 CAD/$2,900 USD).

The next most expensive colour option is Deep Blue Metallic, which comes in much less at €1,600 (~$2,100 CAD/$1,500 USD).

The new colours will enter production at Giga Berlin very soon as the Design Studio is estimating orders with the new colours will be delivered as soon as November 2022.

UPDATE #2 11:50pm PT: Elon Musk has confirmed these colours will only be available from Giga Berlin’s Paint Shop.

You can use the sliders below to compare the old colours (left) with the new colours (right).

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