Starlink rental program expands to Canada for business customers

If you are a business owner in Canada and you are not quite ready to shell out the upfront capital to add Starlink satellite internet, you now have the option to rent your Starlink hardware.

Starlink first began offering rentals to residential customers in the UK and Ireland earlier this year for as little as €15 per month. The rental program has expanded significantly since then and now includes 30 countries around the world.

While Canada is not amongst the list of eligible countries for rentals on the Starlink Residential plan, Starlink Business customers can now rent their hardware. Canada is one of only three countries currently where this option is available, alongside Australia and Great Britain.

According to the Starlink Business website, the rental fee for the Flat High Performance antenna in Canada is $130 per month. This is quite a bit cheaper than paying $3,170 to purchase the equipment outright, especially if you are a larger business owner that requires several antenna.

The $759 Standard antenna is only available on the Business order page when you select the ‘Own’ option, not for the rental option. The company says the standard antenna is designed for residential applications, and that the High Performance antenna offers “better network integration, increased resiliency, and performance during inclement weather.”

Going with the hardware rental option doesn’t change your monthly service fee, as that remains the same depending on the plan you select (Priority 40GB – $185; Priority, 1TB – $320; Priority 2TB – $635). There is also a one-time $250 activation fee that is not applied when purchasing the hardware outright.

While the rental option is currently only available for Business customers in Canada, Starlink does have another deal for Residential customers. For a limited time Starlink is offering discounts on both its new and refurbished hardware bundles.

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