Starlink launches deal for new and refurbished hardware in Canada

Starlink has launched another promotion in Canada, offering a limited time discount on both its new and refurbished hardware bundles. The new deal comes one month after the company ended its last promotion which offered a substantial 73% discount on new Starlink hardware.

As Starlink has been known to do recently, the promotion has been advertised on Instagram, letting people know that the hardware bundle can now be purchased for $499, a 33% discount from the regular price of $759. The Starlink hardware bundles includes everything you need to get online, including the Starlink antenna (known as Dishy McFlatface), the base, router, and all the necessary cables.

If $499 is still too much for you, Starlink is also discounting their refurbished hardware packages, which can be purchased for $250. The company has been selling refurbished kits in Canada for several months, but is now actively promoting it on the order page, although not mentioning this is also a 33% discount from the regular price of $379.

Unlike the last promotion, which was targeted at rural Canadians, it appears as though there are no restrictions on this offer and anyone within Canada can take advantage of it. As you can see the ad mentions it is for a limited time, but there is no end date listed on either the ad or on the Starlink website. The company recently got into trouble for not advertising an end date for a promotion in Australia, but it appears there are no similar rules in Canada.

Unfortunately there are no discounts on the monthly service charge and that remains at $140 for the Standard service.

No promo code is required to purchase the Starlink hardware at the discounted price, simply visit and place your order.

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