SpaceX introduces £15 per month Starlink dish rental in the UK

If you feel the capital outlay for getting a Starlink dish is beyond your means, SpaceX has introduced the option to rent your hardware in the UK, at the cost of £15 per month, according to a screenshot posted on Reddit.

The poster, u/Starlinkukbeta, doesn’t provide the context for receiving the announcement so we don’t know yet who qualifies for this new offer. However, the screengrab shows that instead of forking over £460 at once for the dish, UK users can sign up to rent at £15 per month, with a one-time activation fee of £99. The service itself remains the same price at £75 per month.

SpaceX confirms in the email there is no long-term contract, as users pay monthly for both the hardware and subscription. Users can also try Starlink for 30 days and return the dish if they are unhappy, with their full 99 pounds activation fee refunded.

Altogether, Starlink customers will pay £99 per month to be connected anywhere in the UK through SpaceX’s internet satellites.

There are some drawbacks, but also potential benefits to the new deal. For one customers will continue paying the rental fee long after they have paid the equivalent purchase price. On the other hand since SpaceX owns the equipment they will likely pay for any repairs needed.

It is also possible SpaceX could provide newer hardware when it is released. SpaceX is expected to release a smaller dish soon.

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