Aero adds Starlink for in-flight connectivity

Aero, a luxury semi-private airline, has entered into a partnership with SpaceX to integrate Starlink’s in-flight connectivity service into its ERJ135 fleet.

Aero, often heralded as “the future of first class,” distinguishes itself with an intimate setting, featuring aircraft equipped with just 16 seats. Operating out of private terminals, the airline caters to a niche market seeking opulence and exclusivity. Now, with the activation of Starlink on its Embraer E135 aircraft, Aero is elevating its in-flight experience to new heights.

“We aim to provide an exceptional guest experience and so we are thrilled to deliver fast, free, and reliable in-flight Wi-Fi on all of our scheduled routes. Equipping all of our ERJ-135s with Starlink reflects our deep commitment to ensuring that the Aero experience remains best-in-class throughout our guests’ journey,” said Ben Klein, Chief Executive Officer at Aero.

Aero’s Starlink service is now available for free on all flights connecting Los Angeles, California; Dallas, Texas; Sun Valley, Idaho; Aspen, Colorado; and Los Cabos, Mexico. Passengers traveling these routes will enjoy fast, free, and reliable in-flight Wi-Fi, ensuring a seamless connection throughout their journey.

Aero describes itself as a “book-by-the-seat” jet service with seating for up to 16 guests. Those premium seats feature hand-stitched Italian leather seats, state-of-the-art lighting, and a custom sound system. The airline operates out of private terminals with no lines or crowds, and has a dedicated concierge team.

Aero is just the latest airline to adopt Starlink for in-flight connectivity. Ever since launching their Starlink Aviation service, numerous airlines have signed up including Hawaiian Airlines, JSX, AirBaltic, ZIPAIR, and most recently Qatar Airways, the largest airline to sign a deal so far.

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